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This fabulous area consists of seventy-four islands contained within a one hundred kilometre north/ south strip. Most islands are uninhabited and provide beautiful bush walks, secluded inlets with sandy beaches and pristine coral beds.Safe overnight anchorages shelter you from prevailing winds and provide protection in almost any weather conditions. You are in constant radio contact with our base should you require advice or assistance.If you feel like enjoying a five star restaurant, a game of golf, horse back riding, tennis or any of the other activities provided by a number of resorts in the area you can anchor at one or more of these locations for a minimal charge.   Island Resorts – WhitsundaysThe weather from late April through December ranges from hot to warm with little rain. Sea breezes of 10- 15 knots provide comfort and relief. The nights are usually cooler and a pullover may be required in the evening between June and August.The water temperature ranges from 22- 29 degrees Celsius and is quite safe for swimming with a few sensible precautions. Full briefing is provided before you start, outlining the most suitable locations and conditions.
The entire cruising area is encompassed by the outer reef, which provides protection from the open sea and restricts wave heights in all but the most severe conditions to half a metre. During September whales are common, breaching and providing a spectacle, often close to your boat, a very special time in the Whitsundays. 



CAUTION: When comparing prices and boats it is prudent to enquire what a “cabin” consists of. There are many instances where a cabin is a tunnel in the rear of a hull containing a “double bed” that is in fact, a large single with the deck centimetres above your face, no door, nowhere to stand and no drawers or wardrobe space.  

Our cabins are full rooms containing full Queen Size or Double Size Beds, room to move about, plenty of space to store clothes and a door for privacy.

Similarly although the boat may be licensed to carry 8, the fresh water capacity and refrigeration space may simply be inadequate for that number of people for an extended period. Ours have plenty of both. We also offer ON BOAT HIRE MELBOURNE

We also offer boat crusies in ACT Canberra 

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Southern Air Conditioning Batemans Bay supports the Fantasea boat with aircon repairs and servicing.
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3 Cabin (De Luxe) Sleeps Max. 12, comfortable with 6-8

Fully Air Conditioned, 240V power at sea, 2 bathrooms, extensive appliances

5 – 7 Nights
Per Night
8 – 10 Nights
Per Night
11 + Nights
25-Mar 25-Apr 2005 1,090 990 940
26-Apr 17-Jun 2005    910 890 840
18-Jun 15-Jul 2005 1,090 990 890
16-Jul 9-Sept 2005    890 840 790
10-Sept 7-Oct 2005 1,090 990 940
8-Oct 10-Dec 2005    910 840 790
11-Dec 19-Jan 2005/6 1,090 990 940
20-Jan 10-Mar 2006    910 890 840
11-Mar 30-Apr 2006 1090 990 940
1-May 16-Jun 2006    890 840 790
17-Jun 16-Jul 2006 1,090 990 940
17-Jul 15-Sept 2006    890 840 790
16-Sept 15-Oct 2006 1,090 990 940
16-Oct 19-Dec 2006    990 910 850
20-Dec 19-Jan 2006/2007 1,090 990 940
Prices are per night
(regardless of number of persons on board)
All prices include G.S.T.
Minimum Hire Period is 5 Days
Fuel and food is extra.
A deposit of $650.00 applies.



Whitsunday Islands – Queensland – Australia SNORKELLING
Snorkelling is a must. If you have never done it before our staff will be happy to explain and demonstrate. The equipment is free, but as you will need to be fitted for fins we will allocate this gear during the briefing. The best locations will also be pointed out on a large-scale map, which you will have on the boat with you.

You must be a certified diver to do scuba and must present your diving card or certificate before taking equipment. All equipment can be hired or just the tanks and weight belts. There are provisions on the boat to store a number of bottles and these can be refilled at a number of places around the Whitsundays. If you would like to learn diving and become certified we can arrange an instructor to come to you or for you to join a class at one of the resorts. If you would like to dive the outer reef we can arrange for a seaplane to pick you up at your boat and return you at the end of the day. 

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